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Lunch Menu

Lunch Menu

Exciting news! 

Our lunch program has gone digital. Berman Hebrew Academy is now using EZ School Apps to purchase lunch tickets. Please log in to your account to view the lunch menu and make your selections. If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer Zukerman

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is lunch? Lunch prices remain at $5/day, Monday–Thursday ($4 for Preschool and Kindergarten), and $4 on Fridays.

One of my children is missing from the system. What should I do? Email and let us know. We’ll add your child ASAP.

I prepaid for lunches for the entire year. Do I need to use this app?
No, your child will automatically be signed up for lunch every day, so you do not need to use the app.

What happens if my child forgets lunch? No student should ever go without a lunch. A child may borrow against their online lunch account through EZ School Apps at the front desk. You will be notified by email that lunch has been purchased and that the account has been debited.

Where can I find the complete lunch menu? Check out EZ School Apps for details about side dishes and printer-friendly options.

Is my personal information safe on this site?
The credit card information you submit will be stored and processed by Paypal. For safety and security, EZ School Apps only saves the last four digits of the credit card on their site. Your information is secured through Paypal’s security.

Why do the meals turn red when I click on them? This indicates that you’ve selected a menu option, but haven’t yet paid. Once you hit “save/pay” at the bottom, all confirmed orders will turn blue.

What happens if there is extra money in my child’s account at the end of the year? It helps us considerably to have zero balances when the school year ends, so please try to plan your purchases. That said, any balances remaining in June will carry over to the new school year. Refunds are not available at any time.

How can I avoid paying the convenience fees? If you prefer not to pay online, you may submit a check to the front desk and we will add the balance to your child’s lunch account on the app. If you have multiple children and you’d like to avoid paying multiple fees, you can add money to one account and then email to let us know how to divide the funds between your children’s accounts.

Can I order lunches without using the EZ School App? You can stop by the front desk during business hours to order a lunch or make a payment. Lunch orders will still be placed and accounts debited through the app.