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Torah Mitzion Kollel

Torah Mitzion Kollel

The "Torah MiTzion Kollel" program establishes centers for the study of Torah and promulgates the connection between Torah and Israel.

The core of these Kollelim are young, recent graduates of the Hesder Yeshivot, where advanced Jewish study is combined with military service in the Israeli army. Idealistic and dedicated, these learned young men and women are carefully selected and brought from Israel for a period of one or two years to serve as role models for the kipah seruga (knitted kippa) generation of Religious Zionism, balancing between safra v'sayfa (book and sword) and performing both midrash u'ma'aseh (study and action).

The aim of the program is to assist the local leadership to strengthen Judaism in their communities through the creation of a unique Torah atmosphere which includes Judaism and Zionism.

This program strengthens Torah study at all levels in the school and reflects the philosophy of centrist Judaism and love of Zion. The Kollel actively works with the school's lay and professional leadership, its faculty, students and parent body.

The Kollel exemplifies the unity of the Jewish people, the responsibility of one Jew for another and the centrality of the land of Israel as fundamental components of Jewish observance and continuity.

The Torah Mitzion Kollel of the Hebrew Academy enriches the lives of our student body as well as the broader Jewish community through classes, programs and celebrations which are designed to bring Zionism to life.

We look forward to welcoming the B'not Sherut and Kollel Bachurim for the coming school year.

For more information about the Torah Mitzion Kollel programs at Berman see the Kollel website.