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Berman is Going Green

Berman is Going Green

Green Initiatives at Berman

100% of all electricity Berman uses is from wind and solar, approximately 1,200,000 KwH per year!
Berman is an EPA Green Power Partner- the only Jewish day school in the country with that designation.To view Berman's Profile Page and find out additional information about Green Power Partnerships, visit MJBHAs Green Power Partnership.
Berman is ranked #24 for green power use in K-12 schools across the nation.
Renewable energy efforts include:

Installation of 784 solar panels over the gymnasium and auditorium, generating approximately 15 percent of the building's electricity demand.

In 2014, the interior and exterior lighting underwent a conversion to LED bulbs throughout every classroom and office.

In 2012 the heating and air conditioning management system was upgraded to version 17, allowing for roof tops units to be centrally programmed for more efficient useage.
In 2009, the main gymnasium lighting fixtures were converted from 250 watt incondescent bulbs to higher efficency T-5 flourescent light bulbs.

In 2008, Berman began purchasing wind power credits and has continued to source green power for whatever is not supplied by the solar panels since that time.

Gardening projects, which include a lower school organic vegetable garden, the preschool garden planted with the training and help of the Audubon Society’s Salad Science program and a Montgomery County Rainscapes garden, educate students about the environment and our natural world.

Berman was the first planting site for Casey Trees in Montgomery County. Nine trees and their significant planting expertise were donated to the school for the preschool courtyard and around the track.

Berman gained significant recognition for all these efforts by winning the coveted Bethesda Green Award in 2013.