Financial Aid Application Process

Financial Aid Application Process

At Berman, we are committed to helping every family who prioritizes a Modern Orthodox Jewish education to enroll their children. To that end, we offer tuition assistance to families in financial need.

We have a complete confidentiality between the Financial Aid Committee, which reviews the application and awards the grants, and the school’s educational administrative team and the Board of Directors.

In order to ensure this privacy, the only school contact for financial aid matters is Linda Kaiser who can be reached at 301.962.9400 ext. 5161 or Linda serves as the Financial Aid Liaison; feel free to contact Linda with any questions

Application Deadline

The deadline for submitting completed TADS applications along with supporting documentation is February 28, 2017. Applications received on or after March 3 will be assessed a penalty fee of $100. Late applications will not be considered until the penalty fee is paid.
New This Year...

Application Processing Service - TADS
As was mentioned in the presentation to families, PSAS is no longer available so, Berman has chosen TADS as our new application service provider. TADS questions vary from those in the PSAS so, please pay close attention as you familiarize yourself with this new tool. We want to avoid any delays in the processing of your application so it is important that your answers are accurate.
Scholarship Committee Chairperson:
Mr. George Wollner will now chair the Committee.  
Before you Apply
Your application will be submitted via the TADS FINANCIAL AID system. It is important that you carefully follow the special Berman instructions. Before you proceed with the application process please click on the link below and print out these instructions so that they will be handy as you fill out the online TADS application.

Special Instructions for Certain Items on the TADS Financial Aid Form

The worksheet below will help you prepare to fill out the TADS Financial Aid Application and WILL NOT be accepted as an application.

Click here to apply at

Apply today

To apply for financial aid, please read the special instructions link below and visit the TADS buttons below. Once you have printed out the Special Instructions, please click on the link below and complete the online application.

Click here to apply at

If you have any questions about the filing deadline, please email them to Linda Kaiser at

We are happy to help you through this process.