A Word from the Head of School

A Word from the Head of School

Dear Friends,

At the Berman Hebrew Academy, we DON'T teach Chumash, Algebra, Chemistry, Navi, Statistics, Psychology, or any of the many subjects our students study every day. Instead,

We Teach Kids!


We are teachers, administrators, and role models committed to

  • creating a culture of learning, growth and reflection;
  • exploring new resources and technology and taking thoughtful risks to teach more effectively;
  • working together as teams and inspiring each other to become better teachers;
  • embracing our partnership with parents;
  • developing an aggressive growth mindset about ourselves as teachers and about our students;
  • and, understanding the huge role we play in our students’ school experience.


We teach through…

  • engaging our students’ minds…and their hearts, their values and their
  • core identities;
  • raising the academic bar while finding the sweet spot of challenge
  • for each student
  • fostering critical thinking;
  • encouraging students to ask questions;
  • developing fundamental learning skills;
  • guiding students to be responsible, and to treat others with kindness, respect and understanding;
  • and, inspiring students to strengthen their commitment to Torah, halacha, ethics, and menschlechkeit.


We value every child who walks through our hallways by…

  • believing in our students’ ability to learn and potential to grow;
  • sparking a love of learning;
  • building relationships and caring for our students as individuals;
  • nurturing our students’ religious and spiritual growth;
  • recognizing our students’ weaknesses and working together to overcome them
  • valuing our students’ strengths and offering the challenges to develop them
  • and, encouraging our students to pursue and develop their passions both inside and outside of the classroom.

We believe deeply that we teach kids, not material; their success is our success.

We invite you to ask us to share our stories of how WE TEACH KIDS and why we love it.

Warmest regards,

Rabbi Dr. Yossi Kastan