Who We Are

Board and Committees

Board and Committees


Board of Directors




Executive Committee:



David Sloan

1st Vice President

Aton Teitelbaum

2nd Vice President

Sharon Mazel


Benny Berkowitz


Neil Rosenbaum


Elan Burman


Aviva Lebson


Debra Panitch

Chair, Development

Reuven Zakheim

Chair, Education

Neil Siegel

Chair, Planned Giving and Endowment

Manette Mayberg

Chair, External Relations

Diana Epstein

Immediate Past President

Orlee Turitz

Head of School

Rabbi Dr. Yossi Kastan





  Aharon Boltax
Mandy Book
Lisa Brookman
Naomi Carmel
Justin Dekelbaum
Alana Fine
Marissa Fuller
Ellie Kagan
Rose Litwack
Ari Moskowitz
Scott Reiter
Jason Salamon
Moshe Schwartz



Ex-Officio Members of the Board:


Chair, PTO

Shana Siesser

2nd Past President

Behnam Dayanim

3rd Past President

Daphna Raskas



President, Jewish Federation

Mark Levitt

CEO, Jewish Federation

Gil Preuss


Development Committee

The Development Committee is charged with expanding the reach of the Annual, Capital and Endowment fundraising efforts of Berman. Serving on the development committee entails direct solicitation and outreach to new potential supporters. With the full support of the Berman staff and the chair, the committee will communicate mostly through e-mail and phone in addition to periodic meetings. The committee will have regular solicitation training and access to all Berman marketing materials. Contact Reuven Zakheim, Development Chair or Hannah Olson, Marketing Director and Chief Donor Relations Officer.


Education Committee

  • Neil Siegel, Chair
  • Naomi Carmel, Vice-Chair
  • Liz Diament
  • Melanie Fleisher
  • Peninah Gershman
  • Marti Herskovitz
  • Ellie Kagan
  • Karin Tulchinsky-Cohen
  • Tamar Zakheim
  • Lori Zimand

Education Committee Mission

The Education Committee serves as an advisory group to the Head of School, Executive Committee and Board of Directors on educational issues and policy; and supports the broad educational goals and policies of the school. The Committee, working in cooperation with the Head of School and the administration:

  • Acts as a sounding board for the Head of School with respect to new educational initiatives or policies under consideration
  • Identifies, reviews and recommends educational programs and policies
  • Advises the Board of Directors on the budgetary implications of educational proposals and on the educational implications of budgetary proposals