Green Initiatives at Berman

Berman is one of the leading green power schools in the United States.  Ranked #24 for green power use in K-12 schools across the nation, 84% of all Berman energy comes from wind and solar, approximately 1,200,000 KwH per year!

Berman is an EPA Green Power Partner- the only Jewish day school in the country with that designation. To view Berman's Profile Page and find out additional information about Green Power Partnerships, visit Berman's Green Power Partnership.

Berman’s green commitment doesn’t stop at our energy sources.

We are dedicated to educating our students about the environment and our natural world. Our gardening projects include a lower school organic vegetable garden, the preschool garden planted with the training and help of the Audubon Society’s Salad Science program and a Montgomery County Rainscapes garden.  Berman was also the first planting site for Casey Trees in Montgomery County. Nine trees now line the preschool courtyard and our running track.

Berman is cutting our lighting power consumption by up to 75%.  Over the summer, a major lighting upgrade project retrofitting both interior and exterior light fixtures to high efficiency LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) kicked into high gear. The exterior wall packs and street lights are being changed from metal halide and high-pressure sodium fixtures to High Efficiency LED fixtures. The wattage for each fixture will reduce from 400 Watts to 100 Watts. The interior lights are being converted from fluorescent and incandescent to LED, reducing power consumption by over 60%. The project is being completed by Energy Dynamics, a local full- service energy efficiency company, and is significantly supported by grants and incentives from Pepco under the Empower Maryland program.

Berman gained significant recognition for all these efforts by winning the Bethesda Green Award in 2013.

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