Our New Look and Logo

Go Navy, White & Orange!  Our new school colors and logo reflect our enthusiasm at being the Modern Orthodox Day School of the Nation's Capital.  Our new logo represents the strong Jewish identity of our modern Orthodox school – rooted in the tradition of the Aseret HaDibrot and the Torah right in the middle of the modern font of the school name, indicating that we stand firmly in the modern world interacting within it to bring a Kiddush Hashem. 

You will note our traditional colors of navy blue and white, the school's colors for most of its 71 years.  Navy blue and white represent our commitment to Zionism, integrity, wisdom, purity and goodness that we strive to instill in all our students. 


We have added the striking orange to symbolize the vibrancy of the school and the creativity, encouragement, stimulation and enthusiasm of our school community.


Our new look is a way for all of us to be inspired to take the school to greatness.  With our external image now more in line with our internal values, we can continue to turn our attention to our students' education and Jewish development, securing our Modern Orthodox future.  

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