Showcase Shines

The smells of Shabbat, the wonders of Chumash, the power of STEM—all these branches of great learning were on display during our LS Showcase night last week. Parents visited classrooms and sampled the amazing lessons our Kindergarten to 5th Grade students mastered throughout this year. (click here for more information)

Kindergarten showed off the smells of Shabbat and the ambiance of the solar system. Students in 1st grade shared their knowledge of animals, models of Jerusalem, and growth in writing in two languages. Second grade students displayed their new love for learning Torah, as well as projects on forests and countries. Third graders gushed about ocean animals, showed off their Native American projects, newspaper and beautiful Chumash dioramas. The 4th grade States project included a STEM element and a state-specific Monopoly game. In fifth grade classrooms tall, tall, tall tales were everywhere, as were simile poems, locusts, frogs, hail and impressive Hebrew writing.

As a perfect end to the evening, parents enjoyed a tour of the garden with a sampling of fresh radishes grown by the students.

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