Not Biz-ness as Usual

The students’ recent math field trip to Jr. Achievement’s Biz Towns in Owings Mills, Maryland, had our kids running a city for the day.

As the culmination of the 6th grade math unit on financial literacy, math teachers Aaron Branda and Abby Goldbloom-Helzner led what has become an annual field trip to Jr. Achievement's Biz Town in Owings Mills, Maryland. Biz Town is a simulated city where students are employed  in what is best described as "their first day on the job." Our 6th graders acted as CEO's, CFO's, R & D engineers, inspectors, bankers and all level of workers in corporations such as Northrup Grumman, Toyota Financial, Sam׳s Club, Zurich, Continental Title. They ran the local media outlets for TV, radio and will produce a newspaper. They even provided valuable services such as municipal "construction" projects; City Hall as well as running a kosher "McDonalds" (the menu features bagged chips, lemonade and kit kat bars). Biz Town gives students the opportunity to actualize the real world economy and apply the skills they have learned in their math classes in a fun, challenging and age appropriate environment. Students balanced check books, made deposits, calculated their gross and net pay and paid bills ranging from health insurance and electricity to advertising and car leasing.

When asked what they thought about the experience students remarks ranged from "it's cool" to "It's tough to be a grownup", "it's really hard to make money", " It makes you feel very professional", " two thumbs up", and "I feel more sympathetic towards the bank tellers."

Thank you to the Berman faculty and parents who accompanied the students and helped enhance their experiences. 

Other aspects of financial literacy are also being taught in school as part of the Martin and Belle Negrin Davis Family Financial Literacy Fund.

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