Cheryl Stern Professional Day

Tuesday's Cheryl Stern Professional Day presented an opportunity for the faculty to connect, plan and assess how their students are doing mid-year as well as a time to remember a woman who was  dear to many across the school community.

Cheryl Stern z"l, in whose memory the day was named, was more than just the mother of four Berman students (now alumni), more than just someone who worked in the Media Center, more than just an active and contributing member of the parent body.  She was a touchstone of sorts- someone from whom you could always get good, straight advice and wise counsel. The faculty knew this, and the students knew this as well.

Larry Stern, in his opening remarks on the professional day, offered one of the reasons for this.  As he observed, they always knew where they stood with her, and therefore trusted her.....and she always tried to maintain an environment, whether at home or in her library, where they felt safe with her and therefore comfortable talking to and confiding in her.

We are very grateful to the Stern family for giving us all an opportunity to remember Cheryl, reflect on the lessons of her life as well as focus on how to continue to improve the school year for the students.

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