Class of 1996 Reunion

The class of 1996 gathered for their 20th year reunion- not only physically, but also virtually.
Twelve classmates and their families met at Berman Hebrew Academy on July 31 to catch up and share memories. Later they connected virtually with former classmates from across the world including Europe, Israel and the West Coast through a Google Hangout projected on a big screen.
There are many beautiful attributes this reunion highlighted about our alumni; one characteristic that seems to be shared across all years is is that tend to be very close with one another and value their friendships tremendously, no matter how long the gap has been from when they have last seen each other. Another alumni attribute is a strong and meaningful commitment to Israel and Judaism. In the class of 1996, about 30% of the class has spent significant time or currently lives in Israel.
Our alumni also have interesting professions and interests. From congregational rabbi to computer software developer to lawyer to real estate consultant to social worker and professor, their professional lives are vibrant and meaningful. The way they spend their free time is also meaningful from shul and communal leadership to parenting, they make their own unique contributions to the communities in which they live.
Interestingly, seven of the alumni from that class (Chava (Berg) Elgamil, Scott Nadel, Shoshana Price, Gadi Rozmaryn, and Rabbi Uri Topolosky) are current parents at Berman. That is consistent with the fact that 17% of our current student body is comprised of children of one or two alumni.
We are very grateful to Gadi Rozmaryn, Rabbi Uri Topolosky and their classmates for putting together this memorable event and occasion to feel Berman pride.

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