From Cougars to Terps- Berman Students Accepted to UMD

Every senior spends the early winter eagerly awaiting news from Israeli yeshivot and seminaries and American colleges and universities. For Berman, the day that the University of Maryland notifies students of its admission decisions is particularly noteworthy given the number of our students who apply to the College Park campus.  In addition to the breadth of academic opportunities it offers, UMD has developed a reputation for having one of the largest and most vibrant Jewish campus communities in the country, featuring a kosher dining plan, multiple daily and Shabbat minyanim, and numerous Jewish learning opportunities, among many other programs for observant students.  We are pleased to announce that more than 80% of the Berman class of 2016 students who applied to the University of Maryland gained admission. Of the 28 admitted students, 14 students were accepted into the Honors College or the Maryland Scholars program, as well as certain limited enrollment programs such as the A. James Clark School of Engineering and the Robert H. Smith School of Business. So, congratulations to the class of 2016 on their stellar acceptances!

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