Date Category Title Summary
6/18/2019 Community Summer Requirements and Supply Lists We hope you have a great summer and enjoy the break. Don't forget to get a head start of the summer requirements and supplies for next year!
5/16/2019 Community Class of 2019 Commencement Exercises
5/10/2019 Community Yom Ha'atzmaut at Berman! This is the day we celebrate Israel's birthday. It's the best day of the whole school year. Check it out and see if you agree...
4/30/2019 Community Annual Yom Ha'atzmaut Celebration
3/28/2019 Community US HADAS Presents
3/28/2019 Community MS HADAS Presents
3/26/2019 Community Grandparents and Special Friends Day
3/18/2019 Community 75th Anniversary Celebration At our 75th Anniversary Celebration, we took the time to acknowledge the visionaries who came before us and to dream about what our school could be like as we start the next chapter.
3/12/2019 Community Last minute Purim greetings ~ Volunteers needed
3/01/2019 Community Finding our Fathers As part of their studies of the founding of our country, 9th graders traveled to Philadelphia.
2/26/2019 Community Coming back in style with Gatsby Students welcome Dr. Saltmarsh back in old time style.
2/26/2019 Community Lessons in self-acceptance The 6th grade girls gathered today for an important lesson in self-acceptance.
2/26/2019 Community Nachas First graders receive their first Siddur!
2/22/2019 Community Mazel tov! Mazel tov to the boys JV basketball team who took home the 2019 PVAC Championship Title!!
2/12/2019 Community Mishloach Manot 2019
2/12/2019 Community Imminent Spring Kindergarten students were out enjoying the beautiful weather last week investigating the tiny tree buds and other signs of imminent spring when they found much more
2/12/2019 Community Laughter and Songs Preschool students took advantage of the beautiful weather last week and had a special Rosh Chodesh sing-a-long.
2/06/2019 Community Berman vs JDS Highlights Berman varsity basketball took on JDS last night in two exciting games. If you missed the action, or want to see again, check out the highlights and an interview with Ezra Beletskiy, courtesy of @CapitolHoops
2/06/2019 Community The Wonder of Purim
1/31/2019 Community New Upper School Principal Announced Today is an exciting day for the Berman Hebrew Academy community. I am thrilled to announce that Mrs. Malka Popper will serve as the next principal for Berman’s Upper School beginning in the 2019-2020 school year.