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Financial Guidelines

Financial Guidelines

Berman PTO/ Vaad Horim
Guidelines for Submitting Invoices and Expense Reimbursements

How do I submit a request for reimbursement?

  • All check requests must be submitted along with a check request form. One without the other will not be considered.
  •  You must also include a receipt or invoice along with the check request. Unfortunately, we cannot write checks without receipts.
  •  The check request form can be found in the PTO box in the front office or school website.
  •  Please email the request to PTO treasurer, Elana Lederman:
  • Do not leave the check request in the PTO mail box without emailing Elana to notify her of the request, as we do not check the box regularly.

How long will it take to be paid?

  • You will be paid within 30 days of receipts of the check request. If you need to be reimbursed sooner, please email the treasurer to see if alternate arrangements can be made.

How should I handle submitting checks for deposit?

  •  All checks should be totaled before giving them to the treasurer.
  •  If you have 10 or more checks, please fill out a check log.
  • Do not hold checks for more than 30 days. Even if you have not collected all the checks yet, please submit them for deposit.