Welcome to Upper School

Welcome to Upper School

The Rabbi Moshe H. Levinson Upper School facilitates your growth through balancing challenging college preparatory academics and limudei kodesh shiurim (Judaics) with chesed (community service), athletics, and the arts. As a Berman student, you will interact with our warm and friendly student body and will engage daily with a caring and intelligent staff that is second to none and which is devoted to your success. Our many clubs and activities, plus frequent informal programs, will enrich you and your fellow students during your time with the Upper School.

Here you will develop analytical thinking, sophisticated writing, and critical reading skills. But that is not enough. We are focused on your character and derech eretz through our wide panorama of opportunities to develop important life values such as kindness, respect and diligence. A student who spends four years in our program is very well prepared for college, for advanced Torah study, and for life as a committed religious Jew and citizen of the United States, while being meaningfully connected to Eretz Yisrael.

We look forward to welcoming you.


Rabbi Avi Levitt, Principal, Rabbi Moshe H. Levinson Upper School

301.962.9400 ext. 5588

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