Welcome to Middle School

Welcome to Middle School

Shalom!  Welcome to the Middle School.

Middle School is a time of exploration and rapid physical, emotional and spiritual growth. Our curriculum and program fosters the maturation of the student and the growth of the individual through a dual curriculum of Judaic and general studies. Together with parents, our faculty is here to care for each child as they begin their teenage years.


At the Berman Hebrew Academy Middle School, we focus on the psycho-social-emotional development of each child in a framework of academic excellence. From the start of the school year, our students are engaged in meaningful exploration with caring teachers who help create an environment that promotes camaraderie and learning. Regular and rigorous music, art and physical education round out the day- and each child.


As the year progresses, students are inspired to raise the bar of their formal and informal learning. Giving our students many opportunities to be recognized for their abilities outside the classroom and to develop leadership is a big part of how we help each child grow. From the Maccabia, our Chanukah-themed color war, to our Chesed committee and their program with a local public school, to the Middle School Hebrew Academy Dramatic Arts program, we help each student find their niche and their moments to shine. 


Please explore our program and feel free to call and schedule a visit. We'd love to have the opportunity to show you how we can partner with you to help your child soar.


Warmest wishes,


Rabbi Moshe Shields

301.962.9400 ext. 5120