Welcome to Lower School

Welcome to Lower School

Welcome to the Lower School-a special place where we build the foundation for lifelong learning and commitment to Torah and mitzvot.

Tasked with the responsibility of shaping our young students during their formative years, the Lower School creates the blueprint and constructs the foundation for the five integral pillars upon which our entire school's core values are built — Torah, Chochmah, Derech Eretz, Israel, and Acharayut.

The raw materials from which our educational approach and program is formed are:

  • Happy and engaged students
  • Nurturing, talented, and creative teachers, specialists, and staff
  • Supportive and involved parents

The warmth, creativity, and enriched curriculum in the Lower School encourage each child to recognize and work toward his or her potential. By teaching essential skills, providing a safe and embracing environment, cultivating intellectual curiosity, and promoting middot and Jewish values, the Lower School equips each child with the tools necessary to succeed.

Whether in the classroom, on a stimulating field trip, in a guidance lesson with our full-time counselor, or during a Shabbat or holiday program, students in the Lower School enjoy the room to run, grow, explore and imagine.

We cannot wait to see the heights our students will reach as we partner together to design the Jewish future.


Lower School Principals

Rachel Handloff

Suzy Israel